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A YEAR AGO A GROUP ENGINEERS HAD A DREAM, A DREAM TO CHANGE THE WORLD, A DREAM TO TAKE THE WORLD UPTO A NEW LEVEL MAKE IT MORE SIMPLER MORE FASTER AND MORE ADVANCE WHICH LEAD THEM TO A CREATIVE FIRM CALLED "ROBBERSPACE". "We want to spread knowledge and ignite the spark in students and convert them into flickering flame which further shapes them into mighty blaze and revolutionize the world with their light". Today world has become technically much advance in every field and automation has become an necessity in this fast growing world but we feel there are much more things to come which can make the lives of people more easy and more fast and we want our students to come up with those as everyone has talent and we believe in igniting it.

We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas of technology so you can be sure that you won’t receive a generic service and although we can’t boast years and years of service we can ensure you that is a good thing in this industry. Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves in this industry and that’s what you want from an technical firm , not someone who is relying on the same way of doing things that worked 10 years, 5 years or even a year ago..

What we do in Robberspace?

  • Organizing Technical Workshops.
  • Organizing Technical Fairs.
  • Organizing Technical Confrenceses.
  • Organizing Motivational Seminars.
  • Research and Development work

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Meet our speakers

Raulji Bhardwajsinh
Mechanical Engineer

"Innovations and Inventions are the only things that can change the world and make it better."

Himanshu Rai
E & C Engineer

Friends its a time to learn things practically to understand them in a better way.

Kuntal Arya
I . C Engineer

Whatever the level of support you require, we are sure that we will have a package that meets your needs.

Maitri Duttabnaik
C S Engineer

If you run a business and want a professional first point of contact or just need a hand.

We organize events for you!

Money back gurantee

Satisfaction to our customers is our basic goal in some cases due to some reasons if they remain unsatisfied we have this policy of returning their money.

Our Performance

All our professionals are highly experienced in the areas they work and have been through a thorough recruitment process.

Timeline & Schedule

Some times its difficult to spare time for such workshops so we give rights to our customers to design their own schedule for it.

What does our ownwers say?

We are a creative community that helps to develop and encourage robotic technologies around the world. We help robotic enthusiasts around the world to achieve their goals by means of providing them expert professionals in the respected field. We believe in changing the world and making it simpler and closer for the enhancement of human life.

Raulji Bhardwajsinh

Founder & Owner

Robberspace Technologies.

We organise workshops and training sessions in schools and colleges to spread knowledge about different kinds of robotic technologies and their application in daily life. We train students in various technical fields that ultimately helps to enhance the field of robotics and for that we call trained professionals from reputed institutes to train them in respected fields.

Himanshu Rai

Co-founder & Owner

Robberspace Technologies.

We listen, we analyze and we advise. We gave perfect solutions for your problems. We are innovative we are creative we always try to come up with something new which can make world a better place to live and for that we respect every idea, every small project whether its from students or professionals and all this Qualities makes us different from the others and that's why choose us.

Kuntal Arya

Co-founder & Owner

Robberspace Technologies.

Our skills at Robberspace

Teaching Technical Subjects


Motivating Students Durning Studies


Practical Approach In Studies


Inspiring For Creativity And Innovation


Are you ready to join us and change the world?

All of our professionals are highly experienced in the areas in which they work and are ready to ignite a spark of creativity in you just step forward and join us.