Our Speakers

Raulji Bhardwajsinh
Mechanical Engineer

"Innovations and Inventions are the only things that can change the world and make it better."

Himanshu Rai
E & C Engineer

Friends its a time to learn things practically to understand them in a better way. So join us and start learning.

Kuntal Arya
I.C Engineer

Whatever the level of support you require, we are sure that we will have a package that meets your needs.

Maitri Duttabnaik
C S Engineer

If you run a business and want a professional first point of contact or just need a hand.

Dilip Kumar
Electrical Engineer

Always eager share ideas with young brains if you have one share it and we definitely will try to help you with it.

Are you ready to join us and change the world?

All of our professionals are highly experienced in the areas in which they work and are ready to ignite a spark of creativity in you just step forward and join us.